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I run my own blog, have several years of writing experience, and am currently seeking more work in the writing field. I feel comfortable writing on a large array of topics, although I have primarily focused on parenting, marriage, lifestyle, and travel so far. I pride myself on timeliness, writing well under pressure, and bringing personality to my work.

Nervous, Excited, and Employed.

When my son was brand new to this world and could barely lift his head, I was there to hold him against my chest and remind him that he would never be alone. When he cried out in hunger in the middle of the night, I was there to feed him until he fell back asleep. When he rolled over for his first time, pulled himself up for the first time, and took his first steps, I was there to cheer him on. I was there when he tried his first bite of solids. I was there when he said his first words. I was th

Two years down, a lifetime to go.

I’ll be honest… Its hard to talk about my husband or my marriage without feeling as though I’m either bragging or attempting to write a Nicholas Sparks novel. But today is my anniversary and I have officially been married to my husband for two years, so I think on this occasion I’m entitled to a few paragraphs of shameless boasting. 2 years. 730 days. 24 months. Of long walks in the park talking about the future we are building together. Of date nights at the neighborhood bar when the responsib

Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

The other day as I was about to head out the door to go grocery shopping, when upon feeling how freezing it was (60 degrees totally counts as freezing to us desert dwellers), I decided that I simply could not go on without a yummy new soup recipe. So, I did what any modern day housewife would do and I took to Pinterest. All I had to do was type in “healthy soup” and BAM, two seconds later I stumbled upon this little blessing of a recipe. I chose it because it 1. looked tasty, and 2. more import

Moms, don't feel guilty.

So there I stood, staring at the last piece of chocolate cake sitting in the fridge. MY chocolate cake. The birthday cake that my Nona makes me every year. My favorite cake in the whole wide world…. Which also happens to be my sons favorite cake in the whole wide world. In the days following my birthday, my son and I had spent our late mornings sharing a piece a day while a drank my coffee and he drank his milk. But now, staring at the last piece, I simply did NOT want to share. So I stood there

Pregnancy Advice from a New Mom!

During these long nine months of pregnancy, I’ve quickly found that people…well, people LOVE pregnant women. Who would have thought that growing a tiny human being in your tummy for nine months got you celebrity treatment? People offer up their seats to me in waiting rooms, tell me to cut ahead of them in line, sit me first at restaurants–I even had a manager pay for one of my meals! I find myself unable to go out in public without answering the same three questions multiple times: I’ve also

Baby Name Trends!

So you’ve found out the gender, started shopping for the nursery, bought some irresistibly cute baby outfits… now the one thing thats left? What are you going to name the little one? It goes without saying–picking a baby name is incredibly important. That name will be what they introduce themselves with to future friends, to future employers, and it will be the name that they look back on and know it’s something that you picked out specially for them. Perhaps you want to go with something more

A Winter Wonderland: Park City 2k15

I feel fairly certain that every Christmas song ever written was inspired by the winter wonderland that is Park City. And while that is definitely a very fabricated exaggeration and while I most certainly will not fact check that statement, you get the picture. This was the second December in a row that we have been blessed enough to visit park city during its most magical season and once again, it did not disappoint. We started off the trip with a plane ride that ended up being far more enjoya

How to get the best out of the Bed Rest

There are those fortunate women who have the perfect pregnancies. They find out they’re pregnant, go to their regular doctors appointments, and eventually go into labor close to their due date.I was not one of those women. At 24 weeks pregnant I found out I had an incompetent cervix and was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. During bed rest the doctor basically orders you to lounge around in bed all day while everyone around you caters to your needs to prevent you from ever being

It takes a village.

I’ll start off with this: my kid is SOCIAL. He will talk to anyone, anywhere and wants to be friends with whoever happens to be playing at the park when he arrives. Normally this isn’t an issue. My husband and I take our son to the same park every single night, and have been since the time he was kicking around inside my tummy (during a fit of desperation, I heard swinging could induce labor… so I took to swinging nightly in my final weeks of pregnancy). Normally when we arrive at the park, my s

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I’m incredibly picky when it comes to clothing for my little man. The sizing, the style, the quality… If it doesn’t fit my admittedly over the top standards, it doesn’t go on my baby, end of story. This makes shopping both time consuming and often pretty costly (que my husband’s complaints), which is why I couldn’t be more excited when I stumble upon brands that measure up to all of these standards, such as Young at Heart Co. I recently discovered Young At Heart, an etsy shop full of super affor